Something Beautiful

Most of the world is aware that Australia is suffering horrific wildfires.  Ivor offers a wonderfully positive post to reflect the power of hope in action.  I enjoyed his poem and photos, and the music, and I know you will too.  Please leave comments for Ivor on his original post—Thank You!!


This weekend’s Word/Photo Challenge from ‘Weekly Prompts’ is: ‘The Bridge’ …. My bridge is the picturesque Cunningham Pier, on the harbour, in Geelong. Please go and visit the ‘Weekly Prompts’ site by clicking >> HERE

At ‘The Pier Geelong’, homegrown singing sensation Taylor Henderson, headlined Sunday’s concert “GEELONG FIRES-UP”. The event’s a local collaborative initiative aiming to raise a $1 for every Geelong citizen, i.e. $260,000 in total, for the “Fire Fund Relief”, here in Australia.

Something Beautiful

On a balmy Sunday

I’m here at the function room

In the the grandiose, ‘The Pier Geelong’

Overlooking a calm Corio Bay

It’s only mid-afternoon

And already, there’s a wave of sound

Cascading upon the gathering crowd

Rhythmical music, pleasing this deck of hearts

The show rolls happily into the evening

Firing-up the charity event’s audience

Cheering, they all sing and dance

And the fund raiser’s been a burning success


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12 thoughts on “Something Beautiful

  1. Thank you Rhen, I’m always thrilled to have one of my poems /articles reblogged, and I’m thoroughly to be on your fabulous site… 🤗🌏


                1. Definitely lots to learn, I remember my early days with an ancient used PC…but by the time I bought my new laptop which had Windows 10, I made the adjustment with more ease than I’d anticipated. I love WordPress…but every now and then they want to make changes (unnecessary, in my opinion) and I have a grumpy spell 🙂


                  1. I’ve been with wordpress, 2 &1/2 years…. and I’m amazed at how much I’ve learnt in my time here..
                    but like you some of my oldie poem are yet to published on WP…
                    Although I do now have nearly 600 poems on WP…..


                    1. I think once we learn the basics, it goes easier/faster–even for this 67 year old brain which can’t recall what I walked down the hall for… 🙂 I appreciate your encouragement to post “oldie” poems–it’s fun to look at what I wrote years ago 🙂


                    2. Yes my new Windows 10, has been great for me…
                      Digging up (literally) old poems is fun, but because I’ve moved house many times in recent years, my old boxes of hand written poems have dwindle drastically….


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