Waking Up Winter

Image provided by the generous and talented photographer at One Letter Up—please visit her link! https://oneletterup.com/2020/02/03/sunshines-macro-monday-winterberries/


“Why not shrug at winter’s chill

Sing out loud, wow the crowd

Wearing red, plump with daring?”

Let less courageous smirking souls

Shiver, turn away uncaring

That each season’s treasure delivered

Shouldn’t be missed, disdained as cold kiss…

Too pale, unnoticed, hoarfrost white

Too soon bored, the passing throngs

Who forget first snow’s sun-tipped luster

And need a wake-up from wearied light…

“Why not dazzle their downcast eyes?!”

Shout crimson-scarlet berries bright.

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations,  2020 ~ All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “Waking Up Winter

    1. Fortunately my neighborhood doesn’t get a long snowy winter…the photo is from the blog author I linked to, who lives in another part of the US where there’s more “winter”.


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