The Untaken

Untaken ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #223

Patrick Jennings, at, offers a prompt each week which combines a photo and word.  Click the link above to meet him, and join in.  Current word prompt: “Untaken”.


‘Twas almost Christmas

Fruitcakes baked

Because he liked them

His birthday, same week

Cards included for both

Special days, in shiny

Holiday gift bag…

She phoned several times &

Knocked at his door, no answer

Left the gift bag hanging on

Doorknob…he’d find it later

When he went out.

Authorities arrived, another

Neighbor gave her news…

In silent night angels

Came, took Tim home

To God’sParadise.

Mixed with shocked pain and

Mourning, relief for Tim’s release

From torment…a resentment

Ripped ragged rent

In her soul.

Mere 17 steps…angels

Could have tapped

At her door, too

But she was left behind

…The Untaken.

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

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