We Praise You #Worship #Inspiration #MattRedman #BrandonLake

Oh my, this is SO GOOD, just what we ALL need! Let’s pray, and praise God, sing and worship Him for who HE IS–our Mighty Fortress. Faith trumps fear always.  I’m declaring Victory over any and all enemies today–because Jesus has overcome, and prevailed, regardless whether the manifestation is evident yet or not. 

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Poems for Warriors

I feel like this song is very apropos based on all that we are facing in the world today. Yesterday in church our pastor talked about intercessional worship. Most church people know about intercessional prayers, or praying on someone else behalf when they cannot pray or don’t know what to do, and intercessional worship is similar: praising God by song on someone else’s behalf.

We sang this song, an exceptional example of intercessional worship, praising God for breakthrough on the earth.

Lyrics of “We Praise You”

Verse 1:
Let praise be a weapon
That silences the enemy
Let praise be a weapon
That conquers all anxiety
Let it rise, let praise arise
We sing Your name in the dark
And it changes everything
We sing with all we are
And we claim Your victory
Let it rise, let praise arise

We’ll see You break down every wall
We’ll watch the giants fall

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