Delusions of Safety

Prompt:  SAFETY

Other than loss, disappointment, trying times, heartache…there are no guarantees in life, surely none of “safety”.

Her ex-husband often laughed when, arriving home from anywhere, she’d utter a relieved sigh, and say, “good, we’re back at our safe apartment”.

He didn’t understand her, didn’t care to; had no least interest in asking questions to learn anything about his wife.

She’d always found the world a threatening, scary, quite unsafe place; had thought marrying him would be her refuge.

But as months passed, her romantic delusion was revealed—genuine love might be analogous to a “haven”, but he’d never loved her; and each white-hot rage added another panel in the mural of domestic danger.

One day she donned courage and left him…certain that being alone would insure safety, she locked herself inside secluded, cushioned interior world (if windows rattle it’s merely benign blithe spirits, no vengeful undead).

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

31 thoughts on “Delusions of Safety

  1. I was about to ‘say’, Well, she has discovered her courage.
    but then got to the last line.
    …I’ll stay with my comment, nevertheless, as your most excellent Six serves as a cautionary tale against both ‘fear’ and the tendency of people to shun alternative perspective.*

    *perspective being that magical willingness to accept what is while be open to other ways of experiencing the world.


  2. Nice piece Rhen and unfortunately true too many times. We must look to God first and then we are truly blessed if/when we find a man that can bless us by being part of ourselves. If something happened I would be half a person as we are equally yoked and take care of one another. I hope you and your neighbor are both doing well. Stay safe, blessed and well my friend. Love 💕 you


  3. What a great title for your SIX. I’m so glad she found her courage and that there was a safe place for her to be. That can be a difficult achievement for many in her circumstances. To connect with the right people and organizations can be a challenge.


  4. When I read this, I thought she only left him mentally and emotionally, not physically, locking herself into a secluded, cushioned, interior world.


    1. Ah, so it wasn’t quite clear enough for you–good to know. That would make for another story, proving she was a lot stronger than she thought–if she could stay in the marriage but live in the inner world. I think Patricia Highsmith wrote one like that, but I’ve forgotten the title. Anyway, in my case, I left physically. Thanks much for your comment–greatly appreciated!


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