16 thoughts on “Far from Home (3LineTales)

        1. Haha, it’s so fun knowing you, Punam–wish we could meet in real life 🙂 💕 I’m thinking that perhaps people like myself who are older, and have come through difficult times before, are more able to resist the overwhelming panic. I did have a few days of “everything’s going wrong” despair–but I feel fine now. I want to share as much hope as I can, here…but people have to be open to receiving it, I think.

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          1. I wish so too! Maybe…who knows!! I don’t easily do in panic mode, I am watchful of the situation but pretty fine. You are right, hope is in short supply and we can only give hope if people are ready to receive it! 👍🏼❤️


            1. I’m not concerned for myself, but for others–Yes. My best friend’s daughter is about to deliver her 2nd child, so lots of prayers for them. And I just saw on the news that Seattle has put the homeless shelters in lock-down–those poor souls are so vulnerable in every way. Anyway–I send you HUGE LOVE, and will keep you and your family and friends in my fervent prayers, count on it! 💕 I’m cooking tonight, and working on my About page–with photo, yikes! 🙂

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                1. Oh, my About won’t be posted for days–it takes forever for me to figure out what to say! Let me know what you’re cooking–I made a pot of pinto beans, cooked soft with spices for burritos 🙂

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