Daily Light #11 ~ Miracle of Plenty

“Jesus said, ‘You feed them’…But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish,’ they answered… Jesus replied, ‘Tell them to sit down in groups of about fifty each’.  So the people sat down.  Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward heaven, and blessed them.  Then, breaking the loaves into pieces, he kept giving the bread and fish to the disciples so they could distribute it to the people.  They all ate as much as they wanted, and afterward, the disciples picked up twelve baskets of leftovers!” Luke 9:13-17, New Living Translation

Verse 20, “He asked them, ‘But who do you say I am?’ Peter replied, ‘You are the Messiah sent from God!'” NLT

8 thoughts on “Daily Light #11 ~ Miracle of Plenty

  1. Oh yes they are! Especially a post a while ago which really spoke to me and I let you know about that one really helping at the time. And the Lord did act mightily very soon afterwards too. ❤🌺


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