Amadeo (Still My God) ~ Sunday Song

Hey, Peeps!  Happy Palm Sunday to those who observe this coming Holy Week🙂

I bring you a peppy Sunday Song with a chorus you can easily sing All Day Long!! 

The pandemic has shoved us into a world which changes rapidly on a daily basis.  No more “same-o–same-o” days blurring one into the next.  We’re bombarded with Breaking News which details one or more new aspects and statistics.  Each report ranges from worrisome to scary, filled with warnings…nothing uplifting on the coronavirus front.

So, “where’s the good news, Rhen?”, you ask.  I’m happy to say, God is unchanging—He’s the same Good Father yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He’s still with us, still in the center of the storm, still working on our behalf…and still watching our responses.  Are we embracing fear, or faith?  Are we sharing LOVE, Kindness, Generosity, Mercy and Grace, Hope and Encouragement—from a protective distance? 

Please know that I’m not judging those who are fearful…we’re all afraid of something, if we’re human.  True confession:  I don’t fear I’ll contract the virus, but I do have anxiety that another episode of vertigo and falling may cost me the independence I value like gold (because I lack family/friends/neighbors’ assistance).  What I DO have is God’s constant caring presence; His promise to never abandon me, and to be my sufficiency…supplying Everything I need.

Let’s sing songs as loud as we can—loud enough that everyone six or more feet away from us can laugh if we’re way off key!  Let’s Laugh, guffaw so often that laughter becomes more contagious than infectious germs.  And let’s continue praying for the world…praying for an end to Covid-10, SOON.

May God Bless and Protect Everyone Abundantly this week.  Love, Rhen

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