Never Underestimate… (50-word-thursday-68)

Prompt words:  “As she watched, Miss Tonks drew a pistol,” – M.C. Beaton’s Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue

*Please see for the beginning of this story, if you’re interested…the current prompt lent itself to a continuation (which I normally don’t do)🙂


She knew they’d been looking for her…in every wrong place.  “Combing the woods”, she whispered to herself, snickering derisively—as, it had become a game to her.  That busybody neighbor reported her ‘absence’ to her nephew, who’d called the authorities with his ‘concern’ (he’d long relished idea of having her committed as non compos mentis, and accessing wealth he assumed she possessed).

They’d all underestimated her abilities, physical and mental.  But admittedly, she was tiring after the trek through nearby woodland.  Hiding in the city now, she saw movement among plain-clothed detectives.  She was briefly stymied by indecision:  should she stop somewhere for a cup of tea and cake—or announce herself to them with an attitude of smirking umbrage?

Perhaps it would be a fatal mistake, but as she watched, Miss Tonks drew a pistol…and stepped out into their line of vision.  If they shot her, Nephew would lose.  She smiled.

(150 words)

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

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