The Victorian Watch

Prompt:  WATCH

Bedelia was tidying her bureau and jewelry box when the watch surfaced, as if possessed by a spirit catching her eye.

She’d not worn it in decades…the numerals small, difficult to read now; and winding the crown, she realized the inner movement no longer functioned.

Admiring its Victorian design, she studied the sterling scrollwork which surrounded both face and bracelet—but her clouded memory left a blank as to how she’d come to have the treasure.

It couldn’t be her grandmother’s; surely it wasn’t from her mean, stingy ex-husband.

Her fingertips found a scrap of stationery nearly obscured by carnelian beads in the jewel case.

Unfolding it, Bedelia read:  “Watch for delights that fall from Time’s hands…fondly, your first fan”.

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “The Victorian Watch

    1. Hi Theresa! On the Right side of the blog where widgets are, scroll down beneath the flames with scripture verse–and you’ll see “Categories”. Click/open that and Six Sentence Stories comes up–which leads you to all the links for them. Now they aren’t all “Bedelia” stories–possibly only the past 4, not sure (the prompt words “angle”, “bridge” and “gulf” are Bedelia’s). Now that I’ve got the series going, I hope to stay with her 🙂 Thanks much for your interest, I appreciate you being here! 🙂 ❤ If you have any trouble, let me know 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That is a Six!
    …a story in six sentences*

    Nicely done.

    *not so much the sentence count as the ‘story’ part, your Six provides an engaging character and a life that we, the Readers, can wonder about, in the process, reflecting parts of our own selfs.


  2. I’m enjoying the Bedelia “stories” 🙂
    Who doesn’t love stumbling across hidden notes?! I hope Bedelia remembers how she came to possess the watch and who her “first fan” was.


  3. Hopefully the clouds will have moved a little the next time she sees the watch and she will remember if for no longer than a few moments and it will bring a smile to her face. Lovely SSS.


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