Grief and Glory: Ravi Zacharias Goes Home

I have a tendency to bond easily with people…even strangers.  Ravi Zacharias was a brilliant Christian apologist, and a wonderful speaker who communicated with a gentle warmth as well as true passion for Jesus Christ. 

I’m sad that he’s left us, his family all over the world…and to be honest, I’m a bit envious, as he is now Home with The Glorious Savior.  My heart’s prayers continue for his wife and children during this time of mourning.

Thank you, Ravi, for the legacy you shared with us♥

10 thoughts on “Grief and Glory: Ravi Zacharias Goes Home

  1. Indeed. Like Paul, we can long to be “there” while still knowing that we must remain “here” awhile with a thankful heart that we have earthly life, until we are called home. ❤


        1. I just can’t get over how quickly Ravi’s illness progressed…and that he’s truly absent from us. I only know him from listening to his messages, yet he had a great impact on me, and so many others.


          1. It must have come as a tremendous shock. I have known this on many occasions. The sense of shock never really leaves. We wish they were still here and long for more of their teaching. We had two wonderful Bible study group leaders who went suddenly a few years ago and I still think of asking them about things then remember that I cant. We shall all meet again. Forever. Thanks be to God and His Son who has defeated sin and death and who graciously sent His Comforter to dwell with and in us, until He comes. May the Lord comfort you in your sense of loss over Ravi. ❤


            1. Thank you So Much–some people think I’m rather silly. I’ve been this way all my life–very sensitive, grieving the loss of strangers/public figures. Maybe because I’ve never had good/healthy close relationships… It’s so true that when we get Home, we’ll be reunited with people “like us”–the family of believers. It will be so satisfying–and fun, too!


              1. We are all family members anyway. There are lots of people who mourn strangers only known to them remotely, through their public life. As you say we shall all be together. I rejoice to think of this.


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