Heart Behind the Scenes

Understated grace

She applauds her champion

Though he sees her not

As fans consume him, her pen

Spills cathartic pewter ink

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.





28 thoughts on “Heart Behind the Scenes

        1. You’re a blessing–and my apologies that I seem to comment less frequently. It’s nothing personal, I’ve had to cut back on most of my followed blogs due to fatigue/health issues. You’re very gifted, and your heart is real ❤


          1. You too are a great blessing. I hadn’t noticed a lessening of your comments at all. I too feel bad when I don’t seem to comment as much as I think I should, or as much as some others manage. As with you, my own situation creates its ups and downs and though I appreciate my favourite authors I also don’t always comment and I feel embarrassed about this. I do hope and pray that your health and fatigue issues settle and that you know the Lord’s blessing and presence and his healing touch during these episodes. Thank you so much for your warm final remarks. They apply to you actually. Very many blessings always. 😊❤


            1. I appreciate your grace more than I can say ❤ When I began blogging in 2011, I quickly learned the "rules"–if you wanted stats…likes/follows/comments, you had to work like a dog, reading a gazillion bloggers and striving to keep up. I was conflicted back then because I was on fire for Jesus, and wanted to have a faith-based blog…but didn't fit in with the "Cool Christian bloggers"–those who were fairly legalistic, not interested in Christians who were not "cookie cutter" matches for themselves. So, for awhile I wrote secular/romantic, etc poetry–and had plenty of non-Christian followers–but I couldn't relate to their worldly viewpoints and interests. I wanted something more.
              With this most recent blog, I told God–"it's Yours–whatever happens, happens, and I don't care about stats, I just want to have an impact which pleases You, Lord". It changed everything for me–I can boldly write my Christian posts, and if I feel like writing something else, I'm free to do that too. People will read what they like, avoid what they don't. Oddly enough, there are a number of regular/loyal readers who are not Christians but are either attracted to my writing style–or the True Light they discern in my personality, and comment exchanges. The Lord is truly my writing partner–He gets the glory if I write well (and He's a great editor!)–and I don't need much praise/affirmation from readers, though of course it's nice some days. So I guess it took 9 years to figure out how to blog, for me. Putting HIM first is really the best way to live–even if it's just about a little poetry blog. ❤ I hope you have a blessed weekend–I've been up all night, so will go sleep for awhile now. I'm so glad you understand that some days I'll just click Like on your work–and others, when I have more energy/time, I'll enjoy writing comments that are sincerely from my heart. God bless you Hugely 🙂 ❤


              1. I too share your desire to write for the glory of the Lord. Like you I have despaired of how some church goers express themselves, blogging and elsewhere. Also like you I’ve realised that the likes and commenting is an expected transaction style engagement. I’ve had several folk on Instagram and Twitter following me and asking me to follow back. If I don’t I’m immediately unfollowed. But it’s the way of the unbelieving world and their choice. The true believer’s way is different. So I now limit the time I spend on reacting. As for stats in the economy of the Lord, I agree with you. It should all be for and about him. Hence why I focus on his glorious creation. It’s all about him. Even if no one notices or reacts, I should still praise him. He notices and reacts. I do love your Christian posts, as well as your poetic ones. Both are of your voice and because my own voice is different it’s all the more if a joy to me to see what you post.


          2. Also I shall still enjoy and comment on your wonderful posts, with no upset on my part if you don’t do likewise. Someone posted on Facebook that they felt bad about not commenting owing to work and family commitments, but that she still enjoyed reading folk’s works. I think many of us feel this too. The Lord knows anyway and most writers realise this as well. 🌺🌺


            1. I just started on Facebook recently–it’s a lot to keep up with, in addition to blogging. Mostly I wanted it for keeping up with fave pastors/teachers–and for posting some of my blog work, in case anyone’s interested. But I’m not working to have a bunch of friends 🙂 I use a different name there too–as every time I tried to open an account which matched my blog name, FB would close me down because I wasn’t following “rules”. I’ll never get the hang of all this, so I just kind of work around what I don’t know, haha.


              1. Wonderful! I have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter purely for poetry under my pen name. There are many wonderful Christian Facebook sites. Also sites for prayer with daily updates. Persecuted Christians etc. But as you say it is a lot to manage. And if you don’t keep up you do lose touch with those you have built up friendships with. I have found that a strict limit on each platform works best. 😊


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