Bedelia, In Her Own Right

Prompt: RIGHT

Tedious and terrible, Time’s insistence on introspection after you passed the half-century mark…Bedelia’s beleaguering thoughts began.

Had she ever done anything right, or were all her turns a veering left—only to discover herself trapped in a dead end?

She’d known right from wrong since first punishing curse landed on ears, psyche…yet her sins rose up like a chorus.

Every time she hears the phrase, “it’s the right thing to do,” she fights urge to murder the speaker.

And now the new parish priest is trying to persuade her to attend ‘Meet & Greet’…despite her pointed statement that she’s not Catholic.

You’d think the old priest would have left a note:  “Don’t bother recluse at 57 Right Road NW—she could be right crazy, a serial killer”.

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Bedelia, In Her Own Right

  1. Good one, lots of ways to go with this one. Also, “…it’s the right thing to do…” usually sets me off and as to alliteration…it’s my favorite literary trick. Good job.


    1. Oh good, you’re on the right team–“that” phrase always sounds empty of sincere feeling, to me; like whatever the person’s right thing they did was actually out of obligation, no real love/compassion, etc. And alliteration–gotta love it!! Thanks for being here, UP!!


    1. Haha, Bedelia would thank you for your concern–but take off points for using the phrase that burns her biscuits!😉 Thanks much for reading, and being here ❤


  2. “Tedious and terrible, Time’s insistence on introspection after you passed the half-century mark…” Maybe time for some meditation, mindfulness and some relaxing spa music within the walls of her own home.


  3. There is much introspection after the mid century mark for sure. That particular catch phrase bothers me too. Always has. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t recognize when invitation turns to persuasion there’s a pretty good chance the person simply isn’t interested!


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