Glad Game #13 ~ Let Us Eat Cake

Here we are, together again…ready to play the Glad Game?  That’s where we count our blessings gratefully, like “Pollyanna”—who always found something to be glad about in the worst of circumstances.  And right now feels as close to “worst” as anyone wants to imagine…so I’ve brought you what’s left of my “desperation cake”🙃

a) I’m grateful for freedom…not everyone in the world is so entitled, and all the forums are buzzing with people discussing the unrest in the US, and other global issues.  I’ll just say that I wish people used their freedom to express kindness, love, peace, generosity, prayers—rather than words and actions that wound, murder, and cause immeasurable destruction in lives.

b) Thankful, indeed, for reports that pandemic safety measures might be decreased by August, where I live—not completely unrestricted, but we may be able to visit in person.  That will be something to celebrate, sing praises about!

c) Very grateful my housing recertification is over, with only a minimal change in rent.  And I’m glad to have a good relationship with my property manager, who works diligently in a challenging job—she helps make my life easier.

d) Thankful to learn food assistance resources will be increased again, for June—I’ll be able to grocery shop with wild abandon!  Not that I’m in least danger of becoming malnourished…I’m simply happiest when cupboards, freezer are well laden.  Variety is the spice of life, supposedly, and that surely applies to meal-planning😉

e) Let’s see…I’m grateful yet again for mild temps.  If I could bother the Lord for just one more favor, I pray summer won’t be HOT.

f) I’m beyond thankful for blogging…who’d-a-thunk the world would open its doors to reveal a wide vista on such engaging people to meet—without leaving home?!  My readers are each a precious gem…jewelry I can wear everyday, accessorizing my old T-shirts!😊  Thank you all!

g) More grateful than ever for humor—and my faith in “the God who stays” (song).  He’s promised to never forsake us, and His word is true and reliable.

Confession:  I’ve consumed nearly the entire (9 x 13) delish Chocolate Cake I baked recently…if you’d like the recipe for a super-moist cake, I’ll share.  Part of the secret is, ingredients include a can of condensed tomato soup (without spices), and buttermilk.  The 100% cacao Hershey’s Cocoa Powder gives it rich flavor, and color to make a fashion designer drool!  I’m so sorry it’s not gluten-free…

Alrighty-then, I’ll leave you with virtual hugs all ’round, and continued prayers for your well-being.  You’re wonderful…and, yes we’ll make it through a deplorable season, together!💖Rhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

22 thoughts on “Glad Game #13 ~ Let Us Eat Cake

              1. Thank you! What a joyful thought! However before either of us buys plane tickets to meet up for a feast I should confess that I don’t actually have a sweet tooth at all. I do enjoy the occasional foray into the delights of cake but my preference is Marmite ! So we can sit down together for a veritable feast of delights, you with your cake, me with my marmite toast 😍🤩🥰 with not a moment of squabblesomeness (I love making up my own words) between us! I have searched everywhere (!!) for a Marmite emoji but there isn’t one 😢 so 🍞 and drippin it will be. Again…


                  1. Oh no! Marmite is vegetable concentrate. It’s a savoury spread and sandwich filler. The Australian equivalent is vegemite. Marmite is high in yeast and vitamin B and iron. It’s also salty to the taste. Marmite soldiers dipped in egg are marmite spread on thin strips of toast dipped in runny egg. There’s a saying “you either love it or hate it”, a bit as with Brussel sprouts. It’s very expensive too. But essential to life as air and water ❤


                    1. Oh my, thank you for clarifying marmite for me…I don’t think it’s something I’d enjoy 🙂 But it sounds very healthy! Have a good week!


                    2. I’m astonished that Marmite hasn’t “gone global” as have peanut butter, chocolate spread etc. The company would make billions and feed many more with a nutritious spread. Surely they must have the resources to market this wonder food. A mystery to me.


                    3. It’s quite possible that it’s sold here in specialty shops, health/nutrition stores…but it’s not in the grocery store chain where I shop, which has very little “unusual, specialty” items. There’s a popular store called Trader Joe’s–maybe they carry it–but it’s not close to me, nor affordable.


                    4. Mmm…I’m sure you would have encountered it had it been available to you locally. I am sure it’s only a British thing, and as I mentioned an antipodean one in the poor relation vegemite. ❤


                    5. Well, I suspect it’s available in the USA somewhere–we are a diverse culture with many international tastes that not everyone is similarly acquainted with.


  1. If cake can make you feel better, I say go for it. It is a tougher-than-usual world out there. Desperate times call for desperate measures! However, in all seriousness, I hope your spirits lift sooner than later – I admire how you are focusing on what IS going well. Have a good weekend. 🙂


  2. Your gladness is so contagious! The only thing I could not identify with was the mild temperatures. It’s been in the 90’s here…bleh. I am so thankful for all you shared. I want your cake recipe! God bless you sweet sister! ❤


    1. Oh gosh, thank you–and I’m so sorry about the 90’s, yikes! I’ll post the recipe when I get a few minutes–I actually have 2 cake recipes that use soup, one is for Spice Cake 🙂

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