Aid for Stress: Wit! (ha’sonnet)

Stress and distress

Current normal

Prayers relentless

For miracle

Teargas hazy

Cities crazy

But wit won’t quit!

Now, I have good news for the scaredy-cats (myself included) regarding the WP change to Block formatting.  Your sometimes-fearless-leader, Moi, experimented in the wee hours this a.m.—by opening a test blog to see what would happen. 

While it’s true the formatting for the old classic editor is gone—you can take a deep breath, and learn step by step how to access the features you’re accustomed to from within the Blocks.  Just set your mind on “positive” and give yourself plenty of rested and relaxed time—be patient with yourself, and you can DO this!

I accomplished the basics within a few hours and successfully posted a post—don’t groan!  It was in the middle of the night, for Pete’s sake!  You just have to employ the old hunt and click skills, “experiment” until you find your way to what you need. 

I have utmost confidence in all of you.  We may be “old old-school” dogs, but we’re nothing if not intrepid!  Now, suit up with your adult undies and go conquer the Block!!

If I don’t get to your posts until tomorrow…well, I do have to sleep sometime😉  God bless us, every one ~ Rhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Leadership Application


Please answer or make a check-mark for each question.

1-Can you skirt the truth with ease?

2-Normal issues with greed, lust, arrogance, tirades?

3-Can you dominate conversations?

4-Do you view yourself as #1, “special”, with

Uniquely extraordinary intellect?

5-Are you opinionated, believe you’re always right?

6-Do you feel a sense of entitlement?

7-Can you be openly critical, vocally judgmental?

8-Are you savvy about social media, tweeting?

9-Can you occupy spotlight’s full circumference?  

10-Are you immune to mockery, and also advice?

11-Can you feel at home living First Class?


Very good, then—I think you’ll like your grand office, and the spacious house, of course!

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Wee Noggin of Wine (Limerick)

Apostle Paul repented of sins, vice

Turned to preaching the Lord, giving advice

Told Timothy to take wee noggin of wine

To settle his stomach*, make it feel fine…

Since just munching grapes, oddly, didn’t suffice

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

*Apostle Paul to Timothy:“No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities.” 1 Tim 5:23, New King James Version

Glad Game #11 ~ No-Excuses O’Mercy😉

Hello Glad-Gamers!  Happily we’ve made it to another weekend, the world still turning despite life’s vagaries.  For the benefit of new visitors, the Glad Game originated in the classic children’s book, Pollyanna—about the girl who wisely learned early to look for the positive in any less-than situation (or person) and be “glad”. 

I discovered, “better late than never”, that gratitude is key to maintaining soul’s contentment.  So, here’s my list this week.

a) Spurred on by inspiring followers, I decided it was time to “get physical” with my partner, “O’Mercy” (treadmill, pictured above).  It’s manual, can’t be too dangerous…and due to space constraints it’s parked in the living room, partially beneath the “blessed” dining table.  I realized last night that, if needed, I can briefly rest my butt against the table edge.  Gratitude🙂

b) And I’m thankful to have thought ahead and ordered a super fan (it even matches the black treadmill).  This was divine inspiration, as my primary complaint regarding physical exercise is sweating—“ladies don’t sweat, they glow”, so the saying goes…but I sweat, and it’s icky.  So I’ll crank up the fan as I walk my way to better health…if not a svelte new figure🙂

c) Grateful also for the Public Utility Dept’s free calendar.  Pretty ones adorn the walls, this one’s plain/practical, where I’ll record each day’s time ‘communing’ with O’Mercy—minutes, maybe step count.  Last night was Day 1…the clock said 9:20 pm, I figured I could go 10 minutes.  Hah!  I managed 5—better than zero.  Perhaps I’ll do 5 min/day for a few days, till the old-bod recovers from shock🙂 

According to saved calendar, I purchased O’Mercy in September 2014…uh-huh…it was Full Moon, and I was gung-ho for 10 days before the novelty wore off.  I did 20-30 min/day, sweating like a farm animal—a fair cardio workout.  That was 6 years ago, I think I’ll take a more reasonable approach this time.

d) FYI, there will be NO discussion of dieting at this juncture.  The idea is not to kill myself all at once🙂   Last night I ate like there’d be no Tomorrow…who knows?

e) Although the “zoom” meeting on Wednesday failed, I’m thankful the facilitator had a back-up plan, i.e., 3-way conference phone call.  I’ve owned 2 Lenovo laptops with microphone issues:  they say they have internal microphones…perhaps it’s “operator failure” (nothing I attempted to tweak helped one iota).  Easily frustrated and discouraged, I frowned the rest of the day.

However, the third party (not facilitator) also experienced difficulty (she had audio, no video), so I didn’t feel entirely like a tech-osaurus–and we did accomplish the meeting’s purpose.  Stress/irritability aside, I’m glad and grateful.  I may order an external microphone…in case life requires more zooming while we all await Corona’s end.

f) I’m a happy-thankful-camper to have checked off “laundry done”, and “grocery trip without incident”…and I remain pleased with furniture rearrangement, though I forget I’ve moved certain things.  The plus side:  more steps accumulated as I backtrack…if I walk while pondering!

g) Beyond grateful…I recalled where I’d squirreled away an adapter plug, for use with new fan and extension cord.

h) Greatly thankful for intermittent rain showers…a nearby homeowner lights frequent bonfires in his yard…smoke fills up my apartment.  I’m grateful for sympathetic email replies from local Fire District person.  Difficulty breathing is distressing.

i) I’m enjoying an Amazon Prime trial, for speedier free-shipping and Prime Video.  This is a mixed blessing, as I’m a movie addict…which limits hours for such things as sleeping.  I multi-task, but it’s still time-consuming to scroll through movie menu for something worth watching.  So this may prove a “temporary thankful”.

j) As always, I’m more than grateful for God’s abundant considerations and provision—which include my blog family.  I think of, pray for you each day/night…particularly when I’m cooking/baking, wishing you could come over and feast!  Maybe someday in the “sweet by and by”.  For now, remember I’m holding you in my heart—and appreciate your thoughts throughout the week.

May God bless you hugely with His protection, provision and Presence of Peace, as we continue moving through this troubled season which “came to pass, not to stay!” 

Take courage, be of good cheer ~  Love, Auntie L💝

Text & photos: ©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Eyes On You!

This photo comes from my friend, Deb.  Humor compelled her to fill up the shrubbery’s holes with “eyes”😉

Eyes on neighborhood

We see your masks, lack thereof

How close your walking

With nearest and dearest, or

One you’ve never spoken to

Don’t be paranoid

Eyes aren’t mandate “enforcers”

Lighten up, we’re friends!

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.