A Winter’d Life

Looking back into

Swirling winters past

Encapsulated like snowglobe’s

Universe, which by turns

Features riotous blizzard

Or exquisite grace of

First flakes falling fragile

As silver starpoints…

I hold my world, my story

Sealed within glass

Cupped carefully in palm

Of hand, pondering

Whether there was one

Tundra-like season, harsh

And harder than any other.

Was there a year, event

Which stabbed sharper

Deeper than icycles’

Diamond-pointed daggers?

Why do I see those distant days

As winter, with cold knife-edge

Slashing breaths’ abandonment—

Rather than as summer’s arid

Deserts burning through each

Layered tissue, to tender marrow

Gritty sand rubbed into words

Melding salty sweat and tears?

There was rarely a freshening

Spring’s sweet reprieve between

Summertime flareups…which only

Subsided as fall rustled

Harbinger’s haunted

Warning: Icy Roads Ahead.

What hides inside

Clear shaken ball?

A disappearance mysterious

New paternal regime

The injury which bled for days

And the murdered child who

Became barbwire boundary

Between good and evil

Protective love, and

Isolated neglect.

But answers, there are

None in snowglobe…

Perhaps the sea has sent

A bottle to the shore

Scrawled message corked:

“Ask no more…pen the ending

Heart longs for.”

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

The Polar Bear Coat (6 Sentence Story)


Prompt:  COAT

It was a new school…again.

New state, new climate, new house, new rules, new faces (and still no place for her).

New clothes from Penney’s, where evidently other girls’ mothers’ shopped…she resembled one of triplet sisters.

The new coat, white, looked like a polar bear had left it behind; and was identical to that worn by a girl who offered friendship.

This coat was big and thick…white fake-fur-armor she never took off throughout the schoolday.

It, and her unyielding mute gaze into the distance, protected her from all things fearsome…like scary adolescent boys.

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations,  2020 ~ All rights reserved.