Glad Game #4, Bookends, Etc

I’m glad I didn’t forget—in the flurry of April’s poetry celebration and prompts—that it’s time for another Glad Game’s list of gratitudes, á la Pollyanna!  Ready, set, go:

a) Grateful it’s April…spring is here and, in the Seattle area, we can look forward to brighter blue-sky, warmer sunny days (unless the rhyme about “April showers” holds true).

b) Thankful that the Internet is yet working and I’m still here with you, virtually.

c) Along with Spring, I’m grateful for April’s star-profile as National/Global Poetry Month.  I predict that hunkering down during Coronavirus will reap a crop of new poets trying their hands at writing verse (perhaps bored with games, movies, getting to know family and themselves, and heaven-forbid—books).

d) Thankful that a benefit of what my cousin calls “hibernating”, is more frequent phone visits🙂

e) Grateful for pastors (online/TV) who encourage us to pray and have hope…and “be of good courage”.  The pandemic is dangerous in ways besides severe illness and loss of life.  We can’t control Coronavirus, but we can choose how we think about things, regardless of our beliefs.

f) Over the weekend I was craving spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  I can honestly say I’m thankful the cake was not a success (combined 2 separate recipes)…cream cheese frosting on graham crackers is dreamy🙂

g) Grateful my new bookends arrived…I ordered a package of 4, and now have 33 books snugged between two of them.

h) For months, an old hymn’s melody played in my head…but I couldn’t recall lyrics or the title, to save my soul.  Last night I caught a clue, clicked on YouTube…I’m relieved, thankful to find:  “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”.

i) Grateful I found a new blog theme I like…it may need tweaking, but change is healthy, and a different header image is refreshing🙂

j) Thanks, always, blog-folk…you keep me hopping!

May God hold you all safe and wellRhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Playing the Glad Game!

I’m inspired by the “gratitude” posts I read, and I’m more than glad to take opportunity to share some things I’m grateful for, and about.  Like Pollyanna, I’m going to make a goal of playing the *Glad Game…hopefully, each week (no specific day assigned yet).  So, here we go:

a) my toilet is fixed, Hallelujah!

b) did my grocery shopping yesterday (before the wind and rain), ready for St Pat’s dinner🍀

c) grateful for good books—my 2 current fave authors:  Fredrik Backman and Wm Kent Krueger; just finished Krueger’s fabulous Blood Hollow and started Beartown by Backman…already thoroughly engaging!

d) also reading Steven Furtick’s Seven-Mile Miracle, which I’m using as a Lenten study because the theme is the last 7 things Jesus said from the Cross (need I say I’m thankful for God’s grace?)

e) thankful for folks I meet on the blogs…a rich group of talented people with hugely generous hearts toward one another💕

f) glad and grateful the forecasted snow showers are only rain today, great excuse to not go out!

g) forever thankful for my best-sister-friend; we’ve not met in person, but her faithful love and support always exceed the long geographic miles between us💕

h) grateful I made the decision to reduce my cable cost by losing a bunch of TV channels I’ve not missed at all!

i) thankful to not be fearful about Coronavirus…maybe having other issues is a blessing😉 

j) always and ever grateful to JESUS, my Rock and Anchor…faith in Him is imperative to me, not an option.

I’ll add one more today:  I’m way glad and thankful it’s Friday, even if the 13th…I need a weekend, how ’bout you?


©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.