Glad Game #7 ~ Silver Linings


Hello, glad and grateful readers—it’s time for the Glad Game!  If you’re new here, it’s based on Pollyanna’s “game” of finding the silver linings in less than happy circumstances.  Our world, currently beset by dreadful pandemic, is challenged to stay positive…posting gratitude lists help keep me focused, even if some items become redundant🙂

I’m amazed by, and proud of, all the bloggers who are doing a fabulous job sharing “good stuff”.  Be it humor, photos, heartwarming vignettes—we’ve rallied to be supportive of one another, and recognize everyday heroes who are out in full force.  Whether it’s the indomitably resilient human spirit, faith in the Sovereign God, or a nice combination of both—many of us are not just surviving, but thriving in a plethora of creative ways.  So, pat yourself on the back!

a) April’s almost over…am I glad, grateful?  Not overly, I love National Poetry Month—but I hope to dial things down a bit in May🙂

b) That said, I’m thankful for my God-given passion to write…a gift that keeps giving.

c) I’m equally grateful for my love of cooking/baking. It’s creative and therapeutic.  When I’m stirring a pot of soup, smothered okra, or sauce for lasagna—mind and hands are busy, allowing wrinkles in my thoughts to smooth out.  The senses are alive:  fragrant spices; varicolored beans, red tomato paste; tasting flavors; pasta texture.  And, satisfaction when meal is ready…ahh, heavenly!

d) Continuing on food topic, I found a recipe for No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Bars—tough times demand dessert!  They sound easy, delish (oats are healthy🙂)…I’ll report back, as to success🙂

e) As many are discovering, there are distinctive benefits to the abrupt changes in “normal life”.  Sure, some things are annoy, stressful—for me, some stresses have been temporarily delayed.  Living in subsidized housing, I generally endure one or more annual “inspections”; this year we may skate by due to closed offices, distancing mandates.  I’m so thankful I might do Snoopy’s Happy Dance!  

f) In the last couple years I’ve felt the press of, and need for assistance with, ageing issues.  I’m gifted in “denial”, so the process of reaching out has been slow and bumpy.  Good days, I don’t want help.  Days when I’m kinda falling apart, making calls to collect information, and indecision, can be overwhelming…exacerbated by limited services and choices for those of low-income status.  So, I’m grateful to be in discussions now (by phone) with a friendly young woman who is facilitating info-gathering to find an advocate, and plan that will serve me satisfactorily. 

This requires courage to trust others, surrender a measure of coveted self-reliance.  Isn’t it funny/strange how you can be racing ahead, progressing in one area…yet remain stuck and scared in another?

g) I’m thankful again for ALL God’s blessings—especially, that He hand-picked a woman who became my sister (standing in for biological ones lost to estrangement).  She’s a blogger I met in 2011, our long-distance relationship is via emails…yet our bond is titanium-strong due to personalities which mesh, similar humor, and like-mindedness in our Christian faith.  We both have life-challenges—but over nearly a decade, we’ve developed good communication and mutual emotional support. 

Sometimes geographical distance is tough…we’d like to be next door, hug and see each other face-to-face.  Nothing in life is perfect—but “close enough” (silver lining) can mean the difference between a full, rewarding life, and floundering despair.  I treasure Deb’s commitment to me, our friendship, and I thank her often.

That’s this week’s grateful-list…and I can’t close without thanking my readers again.  Covid-19 has made many of us more than mere blog “followers”…I’ve received a cherished position as “Auntie L” in several families around the globe.  I’m near to hearts, but not so close I get on their nerves (hopefully)—and that’s a very good thing!

God bless you all.  Much love, Rhen/”Z”/Auntie L

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Change, Gotta Love It…

Lest you be confused, I’ve finally changed the theme I’ve been using since Noah built the ark!  I had a single reason for doing so:  though I still love the 2011 theme, the Comments thread became illegible past more than a few replies—and I VALUE Comments and REPLIES 🙂

I’m pleased with the new header image, and hope you’ll adjust to the changes I’ve made and continue reading what I offer here.  If you find anything about the new theme problematic, please let me know…I’m open to hearing suggestions. 

My readers are the special family I’m privileged to connect with throughout each week.

My loving prayers for all of you continue:  that God will bless you with peace, protection and good health.  The pandemic will NOT last forever, we’ll get through it stronger than before…and with inspiring stories to share.  My confidence in God remains steady.

Yours truly,


Choices Cost

Can’t count times

I woke in the distance

‘Tween sleep’s dream world

And whirring consciousness

My hands reaching for

Your face…head woozy

As I call your name

And then remember

I’m forever locked out

Of your heart-hug, and

Restricted from any

Semblance of ‘home’

Alienated, quite alone

As if I’d walked away to

Enter kool-aid cult… all

Because you don’t accept*

Truth I know, the anchor of

My soul, wings which lift and

Carry me to glory glimpsed…

Which you’ve somehow overlooked

So focused on yourself, missed.

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

*“What blessings await you when people hate you and exclude you and mock you and curse you as evil because you follow the Son of Man. When that happens, be happy! Yes, leap for joy! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, their ancestors treated the ancient prophets that same way.” Luke 6:22-23, New Living Translation

Playing the Glad Game!

I’m inspired by the “gratitude” posts I read, and I’m more than glad to take opportunity to share some things I’m grateful for, and about.  Like Pollyanna, I’m going to make a goal of playing the *Glad Game…hopefully, each week (no specific day assigned yet).  So, here we go:

a) my toilet is fixed, Hallelujah!

b) did my grocery shopping yesterday (before the wind and rain), ready for St Pat’s dinner🍀

c) grateful for good books—my 2 current fave authors:  Fredrik Backman and Wm Kent Krueger; just finished Krueger’s fabulous Blood Hollow and started Beartown by Backman…already thoroughly engaging!

d) also reading Steven Furtick’s Seven-Mile Miracle, which I’m using as a Lenten study because the theme is the last 7 things Jesus said from the Cross (need I say I’m thankful for God’s grace?)

e) thankful for folks I meet on the blogs…a rich group of talented people with hugely generous hearts toward one another💕

f) glad and grateful the forecasted snow showers are only rain today, great excuse to not go out!

g) forever thankful for my best-sister-friend; we’ve not met in person, but her faithful love and support always exceed the long geographic miles between us💕

h) grateful I made the decision to reduce my cable cost by losing a bunch of TV channels I’ve not missed at all!

i) thankful to not be fearful about Coronavirus…maybe having other issues is a blessing😉 

j) always and ever grateful to JESUS, my Rock and Anchor…faith in Him is imperative to me, not an option.

I’ll add one more today:  I’m way glad and thankful it’s Friday, even if the 13th…I need a weekend, how ’bout you?


©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Special Valentine

“The heart of the Christian faith:  God sees a princess in every scrub-girl, a freeman in every slave, a son in every stranger.”

~ Grady Nutt, Southern Baptist Minister, author, humorist (1934-82)

Backstairs of Time

Climbed backstairs of Time

Quest to solve myst’ries in mind

Light abyss, make shine

Torment’s hidden treasures rimed

Weep-soaked stones broken for rhyme

Steps askew…defined

Rifts…the Savior realigned

Prayers lift…line on line

Courage, commitment assigned

Faith which Past can’t undermine

Untangled by God Divine

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations,  2020 ~ All rights reserved.