Sunday Songs ~ I Will Wait

Welcome to Sunday Songs, better late than never🙂

I have 2 songs for you today.  “I Will Wait” spoke to me specifically, as I’ve found it difficult to “wait out” a season of continuing personal challenges.  And I’m certainly no “lone ranger”everyone around the globe is growing weary of the daily impact of Covid-19.  Faith in God is essential, as we hold on to hope of better days ahead.

“The Father’s House” is a wonderfully comforting song, a gift from my dearest sister-friend.  God does not ask for perfection, only our hearts—what a tremendous relief, since perfection eludes me no matter my fervent efforts!

Hope you enjoy the songs.  May each of you feel the warm embrace of our Loving Father God, and experience His blessings this weekRhen


Sunday Songs ~ Feelings and Faith (and a bonus song!)

Good morning, Sunday bloggers!!  Thanks for being here, I’ve come to “preach” a little Encouragement🙂  Some of you know that I’m all about being genuine/authentic, so I’ll begin by stating the obvious:  most of us are “worn down, exhausted, discouraged”.  Perhaps our faith and hope are weakening…we feel doubt about the future, creeping in…our positive perspective is slumping.  It’s okay to admit it, our feelings are legitimate.

(Full Disclosure:  I’m sick as the proverbial dog, some kinda stomach thing…but I’m in my cubicle, happily doin’ what the Lord gives me to do🙂)

As a devout Christian woman, I can tell you that God does not shun our feelings.  He’s well aware of all that’s going on—in the world, and in our individual lives.  He doesn’t run away when we feel pressed against the ropes, flat on the mat.  He loves us and desires two-way communication with Him…speak to Him honestly without fear of rebuke.  Psalm 34:18 says, “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

So if you’re feeling near the end of your rope, God is saying, “I’m close to YOU, I understand this is a difficult time; I’m holding you tight, I’ll bring you through.”  Need more?  

The second song today is about God who’ll break open the skies to rescue those who call on His Name—yes, it’s that simple.  Just say His Name.  Watch what happens.  Things will change—miracles abound when we speak the Name of Jesus!  This I KNOW!!  (Hang out in your bathroom for a day/night, you’ll be cryin’ Jesus.)

The third song, “The God I Know”, is really FUN!  When I hear it, I always visualize little kids singing it with hand/body motions: “I threw my hands UP, worries DOWN!”  She sings of God who’s about relationship—who knows we can’t get religious rules right every time.  It doesn’t stop Him from LOVING US!  He’ll still rescue and help us, give us His strength, peace, grace in each situation.  HE’s REAL.  “Invisible” doesn’t mean “imaginary”.

So, go ahead, let Him know how you feel…listen for His Voice which soothes and guides.  Then, don’t forget to dance with the joy of children: “throw your hands UP, worries DOWN!”  Yep, you’ve got it—lookin’ GOOD!!

I pray that you’ll feel His Presence near, and receive the abundant blessings He has for you in the coming week.  He loves you…so do I.Rhen



Sunday Songs ~ We’re Never Alone

A great song from Hillsong, “Another In The Fire”, tells us that whether we’re in the fire or the flood—whatever our trying circumstances, and how alone we feel—God is right there with us, and He’ll bring us through.

May you experience the comfort of His loving Presence, and be abundantly blessed this weekRhen

Sunday Songs ~ It’s a 3-Song Day!

Well, I wept my way through a list of possible songs to bring you today, and narrowed it down to three.  Sometimes life is just HARD, and our hearts can barely hold the weight of the world’s (and our own) sorrows.  Music is great, no matter our mood—we can dance or cry, music carries us along.

And, there’s something else—LOVE, and Someone—JESUS.  First day to last, beginning to end, Jesus is the Love who comes into our lives and never leaves…if we open heart’s door to Him.  He is “the blessing in the broken pieces”, as Zach and Dolly sing in the last song today.

If you’re burdened, hurting, lost…consider the Savior, who took everything mankind would suffer upon Himself at the Cross of Calvary.  His shed blood is salvation, grace, power, healing, peace, deliverance, wisdom, wholeness, joy, discernment, strength, light, life…and LOVE beyond all we can imagine,offered freely.

May you feel His touch, His Holy Spirit’s refreshing…and abundant blessings each day to comelove, Rhen



Sunday Songs ~ Arise and Shine

Welcome to Sunday Songs!  I hope you’ll like this one by Here Be Lions as much as I do🙂

For everyone who celebrates Memorial Day in the US, we have a long weekend—and my prayer is that your remembrance of loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice while in military service will be softened with joy.  We are proud of them, and grateful…may they one day ‘arise and shine’.

God’s compassionate presence is always near…still your heart and soul, listen for His voice.

God bless you abundantlyRhen

Sunday Songs ~ Burn the Ships

Hi Everyone, welcome to Sunday Songs, a weekly feature here on Cobbled Contemplations. 

This is kind of a different song, but I love the message of hope—that we’ll be stepping into a new day, breathing without masks, and celebrating what we’ve come through by God’s hand of mercy.  It’s a cool video with exquisitely poetic lyrics—I think you’ll enjoy it.

If you’re feeling doubtful that you can stand one more day of the pandemic situation, take courage and be of good cheer…gather up the short measure of faith and hope, keep pushing forward.  Because a beautiful new day IS coming.  We’ve not been abandoned…God is still Sovereign, full of love and tenderness toward us.

May He bless you in amazing-abundant ways this coming weekRhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations,  2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Sunday Songs ~ Hope Ahead!

Faithful God led me to the perfect song for everyone whose hope needs a boost!!  

From time to time, I tell people who are heavily burdened by circumstances—and short on faith and hope—that they’re welcome to “borrow” some of mine.  It may not be scriptural or doctrinally sound, but it’s offered as a compassionate gesture with substance.  When my faith & hope tank is full I’m more than glad to share, so step right up—the spigot is flowing strong!

If my chirpy optimism is wearing on you…you might still enjoy Danny’s song🙂

May God bless and protect you in the coming weekRhen

Visitation (A to Z Challenge)

Days before Easter, 2011, I experienced an epiphany…my poem can’t do it justice.  Truly miraculous, wonderful…a visitation by the Holy Trinity in my living room.  Reckoned delusional, I stopped telling anyone…until now.

Certain it was “too good to be true”, I wondered if whatever it was would disappear by the following morning.  It didn’t, and I kept pinching myself…sure that I was dreaming.  Saturday night, before Easter dawned, I prayed:  “Lord, if this is still real tomorrow, I’ll never doubt You again.”  It Was, and I Haven’t! 

This faith adventure has not been without seasons of struggle and miry bleak, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Along with my poem, I’ve included a favorite song—Tim Sheppard’s moving, “I Hear the Lord Passing By” (and lyrics). Rhen

I remember well

Day the world stopped spinning, slowed

Muted of all sound

Breath caught, at hallowed reveal

Day of my visitation


I’d read Bible, heard

About Father, Son, Spirit

But suddenly Light

Suffused, seemed to lift my rooms

They sat around me, shimmered


Voice oh so different

From my harsh expectation

Spoke reassurance

I was meeting Great I AM

Creator, Love limitless


‘Twas hour my blessed life

Began, crisp new pages gleamed

Best part of story

Silvered, still being written

Faith-adventure beyond dreams


Not too old, too late

God’s second chance to espouse

Living Lord of grace

His Spirit as Companions…

I’d ne’er be the same again


Skeptics roll their eyes

Think I’m crazier than guessed

I don’t mind ~ Rather

Hope someday they’re honored by

This Holy Visitation

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

“I Hear the Lord Passing By”
Tim Sheppard

I hear the Lord passing by
This could be my day of visitation
Have mercy on me, Lord
Hear my cry of desperation
I hear the Lord passing by

My heart, my flesh
Yearn to be with You
Open my eyes to see Your glory
All the days of my life
This is my one chance
This is my moment
Lord, I throw everything aside
Just to run blindly after You
This is my one chance
This is my moment
I wanna see You
I wanna touch You
I wanna hold You
I wanna know You
I wanna follow You
I wanna follow You
All my hope is in You
All I need is in You
My miracle is You
I hear the Lord passing by
This could be my day of visitation
Have mercy on me, Lord
Hear my cry of desperation
Have mercy on me, Lord
From the depth of my affliction
I hear the Lord
I hear the Lord
I hear the Lord passing by
Gateway Worship, 2010

Sunday Songs ~ He Loves Us

In case you need reminding…or if you didn’t know it—GOD LOVES US.  This song by David Crowder seemed perfect to share today.  No matter what’s going on in the world, or in your your little corner of it (too cramped, or maybe lonely)…God’s Love is BIGGER. 

Contrary to what you may have heard from some voices, God didn’t bring Covid-19.  That’s NOT who He is, NOT how He does things.  He takes what the devil meant for evil, and He turns it to GOOD.  Is there a murmur of doubt?  Here’s the Word of God:

As for you, what you intended against me for evil, God intended for good, in order to accomplish a day like this—to preserve the lives of many people. Therefore do not be afraid. I will provide for you and your little ones.” Genesis 50:20-21, Berean Study Bible

May God bless you abundantly throughout the coming daysRhen