Glad Game #16 ~ Add a Sister, and Magnifying Glass

Silly pic…I’m either getting braver, or sleep-deprived😉

Here we are, another Friday…which, as well as signaling the holiday weekend (USA), usually means a table of Glad Game players!  If you’re new here, the Glad Game originated with Pollyanna, star of that great classic book about the girl who unfailingly found something to be glad about—thankful for—in life’s less than perfect situations.  So, here’s my list.

a) I’m thankful I have a magnifying glass.  I bought it ages ago…figuring I’d need it “Someday”, and Someday’s definitely arrived🙂  It’s not too scratched, as I keep it in a plastic sandwich bag.  I don’t know what surprises me more:  that “normal” print/font size seems so small—or that I got old and sufficiently impaired to notice it, frown, squint, and dig out the magnifying glass!  Oh well.

b) Thankful the ‘stomach issue’ is improved…I think it’s yet another “ageing deal” (our systems become more delicate, sensitive to “abuse”) which definitely puts The Face on me (scowl).  For crying to Pete, I should be able to eat Doritos and Queso Dip all night long if I want to… no??  Anyway, I’m trying to eat smaller, more frequent “meals”.  Good thing I had a surplus of unsweetened applesauce—it was like manna for a few days there🙂

c)  I’m beyond glad and grateful to have a new gal pal!  We met on the blogs back in 2011, but just recently connected on Facebook—she was so glad to see me, which made my heart dance!  But wait, there’s MORE!  Apparently her computer died, and she could hardly manage any contact with the outside world through usual means…so I emailed our mutual friend to get a USPS address for her, thinking to send her a note (translation: novelette); our friend happily obliged—and gave me a phone number too. 

Imagine my delight when I called her and discovered how similar we are—like me, she’s a talker who doesn’t come up for air!  So now God has made good on His promise:  the Bible says He’ll give us ‘double for our trouble’*, restore what ‘the locusts devoured’**.  Thus, the 2 sisters I’ve lost to “estrangement”—have now been replaced with like-minded “faith-sisters”.  It was a good day…color me blessed

d) Thankful to get the month’s bills paid…some people hate paying bills, so it’s one more proof I’m crazy, because I sincerely enjoy it.  There’s that rush of accomplishment…and confirmation that I’m a “responsible adult” (you’d have to know the backstory to appreciate that, which I’m not sharing today)🙂

e) However, I will give you some backstory to my next “grateful”.  If you’ve read the novel, The Cider House Rules, by John Irving, you may remember that the protagonist, “Homer”, was an orphan raised in an orphanage by the director, “Dr Larch”, and a couple nurses.  Being older than the other children he was not successfully adopted, but happily grew up there and followed the rule that he “be of use” (a worthy goal for everyone).  That phrase stuck with me after reading the book (also made into a movie). 

Though I was undeniably forced to be of use to my family, growing up, I don’t recall believing anything I did—then, or later in life—was particularly worthy or notable.

So, it’s kind of an odd blessing that blogging seems to have given me a purpose of sorts.  I view myself as having been “called” to be an “Encourager”, which gives me great satisfaction.  That’s the long answer to why I was praying with tearful thanksgiving the other night, telling God I appreciate that He would see fit to make me “of use” in this worldwide niche.

f) On that note, I’ll wrap things up by reminding my reader-family how thankful I am for all of you.  It’s not about stats, for me—but rather that many of you allow me into your lives (and hearts) through your writing, and the curious connection of the Comment boxes.  I hold you all close in my prayers each day…wanting only the best for each of you, and your families.

g) Lord God, I’m immeasurably grateful You’ve brought me through another week…without me completely losing my mind, though the stresses of this crazy season have not abated.  You keep me in the palm of Your hand, gently gripped by Your grace—and that is sufficient for all my needs. 

I choose to trust You, and to stand tall and bold as I proclaim Your goodness here—and I believe You’ll make your Presence real to these dear people who visit my world…bless them in miraculous ways ~ Amen.

Alright-y then, y’all have a good weekend!!🙂 Rhen

*Job 42:10, “And the LORD restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.” New King James Version

**Joel 2:25, “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…” King James Bible

Full Disclosure:  The Cider House Rules is a work of fiction which deals with the subject of abortion, among others.

Glad Game #15 ~ Small Changes, Big Benefits

Well, maybe you noticed I was not here to play the Glad Game last week (20 lashes with a wet noodle!).  I wasn’t lacking in gratitude exactly…just having an ‘overwhelmed’ week.  So, I’ll do my best to make up for it today😉  

For any newbies, the Glad Game originated with Pollyanna, whose classic story entertained and taught many as she set the example of “finding something to be glad about” in unpleasant circumstances.  Here we go!

a) I’m glad and grateful readers have shown great interest in my character “Bedelia”, star of the 6-Sentence Story serial (weekly “word prompt” is hosted by Denise ).  Perked up, I’m encouraged to continue the saga😊

b) Thankful for my recently acquired ‘super fan’…goodness, it’s powerful!  (And surprisingly not over-loud, a bonus-blessing)  So powerful that I had to move it the other night, lest it blow all my hair off while I tried to sleep in the whirlwind.  Glad the area temps haven’t surpassed my ability to tolerate heat…yours truly hasn’t melted yet😉

c) Grateful my fave pharmacist said I still had Rx refills available to process, hurray!  Now, I just have to motivate myself to don mask—mandatory as of today—and walk to the store.  Noncompliance is a misdemeanor fine or jail time…if I should forget it, I doubt the county will let me post from the clink, since I can’t afford bail.  Orange, “the new black”…not my color.

d) Thankful I’m not as stupid as I sometimes self-assess.  As I was spiraling down, I wondered if I should abandon blogging (at least temporarily).  When I reach this stage, my usual mode is “get busy, physically”.  But it was too warm to clean house (and we won’t mention that exercise equipment I moved back to the bedroom).  Even small changes in routine are considerably beneficial. 

My options, aside from a “blog siesta”, were to read a book or 3, and/or do jigsaw puzzles.  I tidied the bookshelves and found a couple books that looked worthy—and, not wanting to put the leaf in the dining table, located the box of 500-550-piece puzzles. 

I LOVE jigsaw puzzles, and think they’re the remedy for much that ails you.  So I set aside the books, turned off the laptop…and lost myself in a colorful puzzle until sunny daylight.  Slept better, and woke up with a calmer, more hopeful perspective.

e) As always, I finish my gratitudes with a shout out to my readers…who truly are a wonderful family.  Thank you for making my day, everyday 🙂

f) And a public declaration of my beyond-grateful love for God, without Whom I wouldn’t be here.  I don’t believe in coincidences…there’s too much evidence of the Lord’s big and little miracles throughout each week.  His faithful love dusts off the “bleak” and doldrums. 

I’m ever astounded that He pays attention to smallest details, and reassures me that He’s in charge of mole hills and mountains—they’re NOT my job.  Hallelujah!  I praise Him because he’s Sovereign, mighty, “good Father”, and Good Shepherd who guides me on the path He’s set before me.

As we greet another weekend—may you feel God’s presence and receive His abundant blessingsRhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations,  2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Glad Game #14 ~ Grateful

Rhen’s Kitchen:  Cioppino is “redder” (tomato base) than it looks in photo…Check out the cutting board against wall: it goes back at least to 1973 (a Morton Salt offer I purchased for my “hopeless chest”)🙂 “When It Rains It Pours” (true)

Another Friday, another opportunity to play the Glad Game—just like “Pollyanna”, the only rule is that we find something to be “glad” about (Grateful/Thankful) in life’s less-than-perfect circumstances.  So, here’s my list🙂

a) First, I’m grateful to have a respite, after 3 days of unrelenting pain…thus, at 4 a.m I’m cooking a pot of Cioppino (Italian seafood stew)!  Praying it will be delish, since it’s not an “economy” dish…the last things to go in will be shrimp and scallops.  I’ll let it marinate in the fridge 24 hours, then reheat and serve with hot sourdough bread.  Don’t you wish you lived close enough to stop by for a bowl?!

b) Speaking of food, I’m thankful for some reader-interest in fave recipes—I’ve put up a Page titled, “Hungry? Recipes!” (See Above), which I’ll add to now and then.

c) I feel compelled to apologize for my recent post in which I challenged you all to be brave and take on the new Block format WordPress introduced. 

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I persuaded a WP staff person to “fix” a new(separate) blog…giving me back the old-school classic editor.  Color me Grateful.  

Should you find yourself needing assistance on this topic, go to WP Support Forums.  Perhaps there will be someone helpful to you—keep in mind that, like everything else, results depend on who replies to your query. 

So, I’m sorry if I sounded “mean” in that earlier post—I was preaching to myself, hopeful  I’d have courageous success.  (At least for now, I won’t have to go over to the “other side”…blogspot)😉

d) Grateful to have managed 2 trips up the little hill for groceries.  Normally I shun boxed mixes, but Betty Crocker brownie mixes were only 99-cents—it would have been a sin NOT to get a couple, right?  Oh gosh, they’re good…I added the Mexican Chocolate tip: cinnamon and a bit of chili powder—WOWZA, you seriously need to try it!!  (I just realized my “thankfuls” are a lot about food!)

e) Exhausted and sentimental, I again want to underscore how grateful I am for all of you who continue to visit frequently…reading, liking, commenting.  Such a wonderful world it is, to be able to “click” and find friendship among big-hearted, talented people💝

f) “F” is for FAITH—of utmost importance to me.  I’m beyond thankful for Almighty God who sought me out (called me by name); offered me His embrace of love, protection, provision; and life with Him forever and ever—never-ending😇

There is none like Him, no other life of grace except through Jesus Christ.  Faith is not a magic wand, God’s not Santa Claus…but even worst days WITH HIM are far better than the Best days Without Him.  I promise, no kidding—“taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8)🥄

May HE bless you so Abundantly you’re knocked off your feet!Love, Rhen

Glad Game #13 ~ Let Us Eat Cake

Here we are, together again…ready to play the Glad Game?  That’s where we count our blessings gratefully, like “Pollyanna”—who always found something to be glad about in the worst of circumstances.  And right now feels as close to “worst” as anyone wants to imagine…so I’ve brought you what’s left of my “desperation cake”🙃

a) I’m grateful for freedom…not everyone in the world is so entitled, and all the forums are buzzing with people discussing the unrest in the US, and other global issues.  I’ll just say that I wish people used their freedom to express kindness, love, peace, generosity, prayers—rather than words and actions that wound, murder, and cause immeasurable destruction in lives.

b) Thankful, indeed, for reports that pandemic safety measures might be decreased by August, where I live—not completely unrestricted, but we may be able to visit in person.  That will be something to celebrate, sing praises about!

c) Very grateful my housing recertification is over, with only a minimal change in rent.  And I’m glad to have a good relationship with my property manager, who works diligently in a challenging job—she helps make my life easier.

d) Thankful to learn food assistance resources will be increased again, for June—I’ll be able to grocery shop with wild abandon!  Not that I’m in least danger of becoming malnourished…I’m simply happiest when cupboards, freezer are well laden.  Variety is the spice of life, supposedly, and that surely applies to meal-planning😉

e) Let’s see…I’m grateful yet again for mild temps.  If I could bother the Lord for just one more favor, I pray summer won’t be HOT.

f) I’m beyond thankful for blogging…who’d-a-thunk the world would open its doors to reveal a wide vista on such engaging people to meet—without leaving home?!  My readers are each a precious gem…jewelry I can wear everyday, accessorizing my old T-shirts!😊  Thank you all!

g) More grateful than ever for humor—and my faith in “the God who stays” (song).  He’s promised to never forsake us, and His word is true and reliable.

Confession:  I’ve consumed nearly the entire (9 x 13) delish Chocolate Cake I baked recently…if you’d like the recipe for a super-moist cake, I’ll share.  Part of the secret is, ingredients include a can of condensed tomato soup (without spices), and buttermilk.  The 100% cacao Hershey’s Cocoa Powder gives it rich flavor, and color to make a fashion designer drool!  I’m so sorry it’s not gluten-free…

Alrighty-then, I’ll leave you with virtual hugs all ’round, and continued prayers for your well-being.  You’re wonderful…and, yes we’ll make it through a deplorable season, together!💖Rhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Glad Game #12 ~ Friendship’s Mirror

More photos below ~

Hello to all who gather for the weekly Glad Game, a reference to the book and character, “Pollyanna”—who learned gratitude early and always found something to be “glad” about, even in circumstances that were unpleasant, trying or cloaked in grief.

I confess that I’m wobbly this week, so you’re free to grab some refreshments and sneak out the door—I won’t be offended, I promise

a) I’m grateful the weather remains mostly sunny, with cool temps for good sleeping at night.

b) Thankful I still have plenty of food, so I can avoid the grocery store another week.

c) I’m grateful for this blog, the meeting place where I come to greet and exchange thoughts with folks who are so talented, lovely—you are all treasures.  I appreciate God’s generosity in giving me the gift of poetry…it’s cathartic, fun.  Some days I imagine writing as a loaf of freshly baked “something” I can share with you (or soup, lasagna, cake, brownies, fudge…whatever you’re hungry for)😊

d) Thankful for my wind chimes (playing as I type)…their music has eternal quality which engages my spirit.  The melody’s never exactly the same, but always offers message of faith and hope that God has more for us than whatever lack or loss we may be wading through at a given moment.

e) This week, again, I gratefully received the gift of true friendship…and realized what my definition of such friendship is.  A genuine, and stalwart friend offers a ‘new mirror’—or flips the one we have to the other, better side.  Often when I peer into mine, self-loathing eyes see only wretchedness; depression creates an unreliable perspective. 

My friend, via email, held up the mirror God shines daily:  gleaming glass displaying my favorable traits, and the loving transformation God is actively working in me to reflect His glorious character.

f) I’m ever glad for God’s grace and Presence—so near, when we’re running low on strength to ‘keep keeping on’.

g) For those who celebrate it, Sunday is Pentecost*…a meaningful reminder of God’s Holy Spirit.  This Person of the Trinity is alive and available to anyone who requests His indwelling.  Just as He breathed on the early disciples and changed everything for them, today He longs to breathe a fresh, reviving breeze that brings power, peace and unity to our lives.

May you experience God’s love and abundant blessings as we persevere togetherRhen

*“On the day of Pentecost all the believers were meeting together in one place. Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.” Acts 2:1-4, New Living Translation

Photos are Rhen’s home: above, west window with mirror & live plant; below, silk “peony” flower ~

Glad Game #11 ~ No-Excuses O’Mercy😉

Hello Glad-Gamers!  Happily we’ve made it to another weekend, the world still turning despite life’s vagaries.  For the benefit of new visitors, the Glad Game originated in the classic children’s book, Pollyanna—about the girl who wisely learned early to look for the positive in any less-than situation (or person) and be “glad”. 

I discovered, “better late than never”, that gratitude is key to maintaining soul’s contentment.  So, here’s my list this week.

a) Spurred on by inspiring followers, I decided it was time to “get physical” with my partner, “O’Mercy” (treadmill, pictured above).  It’s manual, can’t be too dangerous…and due to space constraints it’s parked in the living room, partially beneath the “blessed” dining table.  I realized last night that, if needed, I can briefly rest my butt against the table edge.  Gratitude🙂

b) And I’m thankful to have thought ahead and ordered a super fan (it even matches the black treadmill).  This was divine inspiration, as my primary complaint regarding physical exercise is sweating—“ladies don’t sweat, they glow”, so the saying goes…but I sweat, and it’s icky.  So I’ll crank up the fan as I walk my way to better health…if not a svelte new figure🙂

c) Grateful also for the Public Utility Dept’s free calendar.  Pretty ones adorn the walls, this one’s plain/practical, where I’ll record each day’s time ‘communing’ with O’Mercy—minutes, maybe step count.  Last night was Day 1…the clock said 9:20 pm, I figured I could go 10 minutes.  Hah!  I managed 5—better than zero.  Perhaps I’ll do 5 min/day for a few days, till the old-bod recovers from shock🙂 

According to saved calendar, I purchased O’Mercy in September 2014…uh-huh…it was Full Moon, and I was gung-ho for 10 days before the novelty wore off.  I did 20-30 min/day, sweating like a farm animal—a fair cardio workout.  That was 6 years ago, I think I’ll take a more reasonable approach this time.

d) FYI, there will be NO discussion of dieting at this juncture.  The idea is not to kill myself all at once🙂   Last night I ate like there’d be no Tomorrow…who knows?

e) Although the “zoom” meeting on Wednesday failed, I’m thankful the facilitator had a back-up plan, i.e., 3-way conference phone call.  I’ve owned 2 Lenovo laptops with microphone issues:  they say they have internal microphones…perhaps it’s “operator failure” (nothing I attempted to tweak helped one iota).  Easily frustrated and discouraged, I frowned the rest of the day.

However, the third party (not facilitator) also experienced difficulty (she had audio, no video), so I didn’t feel entirely like a tech-osaurus–and we did accomplish the meeting’s purpose.  Stress/irritability aside, I’m glad and grateful.  I may order an external microphone…in case life requires more zooming while we all await Corona’s end.

f) I’m a happy-thankful-camper to have checked off “laundry done”, and “grocery trip without incident”…and I remain pleased with furniture rearrangement, though I forget I’ve moved certain things.  The plus side:  more steps accumulated as I backtrack…if I walk while pondering!

g) Beyond grateful…I recalled where I’d squirreled away an adapter plug, for use with new fan and extension cord.

h) Greatly thankful for intermittent rain showers…a nearby homeowner lights frequent bonfires in his yard…smoke fills up my apartment.  I’m grateful for sympathetic email replies from local Fire District person.  Difficulty breathing is distressing.

i) I’m enjoying an Amazon Prime trial, for speedier free-shipping and Prime Video.  This is a mixed blessing, as I’m a movie addict…which limits hours for such things as sleeping.  I multi-task, but it’s still time-consuming to scroll through movie menu for something worth watching.  So this may prove a “temporary thankful”.

j) As always, I’m more than grateful for God’s abundant considerations and provision—which include my blog family.  I think of, pray for you each day/night…particularly when I’m cooking/baking, wishing you could come over and feast!  Maybe someday in the “sweet by and by”.  For now, remember I’m holding you in my heart—and appreciate your thoughts throughout the week.

May God bless you hugely with His protection, provision and Presence of Peace, as we continue moving through this troubled season which “came to pass, not to stay!” 

Take courage, be of good cheer ~  Love, Auntie L💝

Text & photos: ©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Glad Game #10 ~ Readers and Other Gifts

Happy Friday, Glad Game friends!  I’m soooo glad the weekend’s here!  Just a reminder for possible newcomers, the Glad Game is about Gratitude, and originated with Pollyanna—the girl who never saw a negative situation without finding something to “be glad about”.

a) I usually save this one till the end, but I’m compelled to give a grateful shout out to my incredibly fine readers.  You’re all so gifted in your chosen artistic endeavors, and your generous loyalty continually WOW’s me.  Often your thoughtful comments impact me more than I can quite take in…you enrich my days, I thank you from my heart and creaky bones.

b) BIG news is that I rearranged the furniture, cleaned a mite (pun) yesterday, so I could bring the dreaded treadmill out from hiding, into the living area…where I can’t ignore it anymore.  “Baby steps” is the plan (worked hard and sweaty, so probably won’t hop on it tonight).  But, “thou shalt not allow self to slack off lingeringly”!  I’m thankful for divine strength, motivation to accomplish a productive day–and again thank readers who’ve encouraged me toward better health.

c) Someone mentioned recently that it perks us up to have a new perspective by virtue of simply changing things around in our environment (and vacuuming).  I’m surveying my bijou kingdom, whispering, “wow, that looks nice there”.  So, another thank you to those who shared about “spring cleaning”–it rubbed off on me!

d) After a few rough days (“Rant” post), I’m grateful to have leveled UP once more…got my mojo back!  I keep thinking a blog break would be nice…but barring straitjacket, doubt it will happen🙂

e) Moving the “pantry” of food staples to a spot closer to the kitchen, I was stunned by the accumulated supplies.  Between dry and canned items—and jam-packed freezer—I could almost be competition to  neighborhood Safeway!  I’m daring to hope the pandemic may be over and forgotten before I need to shop again🙂  The abundance is a blessing…I’m glad ‘n grateful.

f) Beyond thankful the heat wave was brief!!  I don’t do hot temps well, so was ecstatic when a good rain cooled things down.  

g) “G is for Grateful to God”, my fave gratitude.  His attentive love, comfort and caring, as He hears my prayers, speaks to me…and faithfully moves on my behalf, guiding me through life’s challenges…I can’t keep Him to myself.  Skeptics abound, I used to be one.  But I KNOW that I KNOW what I KNOW:  He’s the Living LORD, Good Father who protects and provides for me.  Having proved Himself repeatedly, I’ve got NO doubts.

As I keep you in heart’s fervent daily prayers, may you feel His Presence…and discover the treasures hidden in this peculiar timeRhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, ©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations

Glad Game #9 ~ Keep Keeping-On!

Sharing my not-Mother’s-Day roses♥

Hello, Glad Game groupies!  I think I see new faces, so for your benefit I’ll explain:  the Glad Game originated in the book, Pollyanna (which became a popular series).  “Pollyanna” was a young gal ‘cursed with optimism’…she could find silver linings in darkest clouds.  I didn’t learn about her till I was 59, but she contributed to that being a banner year.  So now I focus on “gratitudes” daily, and bring you my list each week.  Here we go!

a) I’m beyond thankful it’s Friday…the week was fast and busy.  Grocery shopping is braved during “senior hours”—Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9 am; and because I’m allergic to getting up early, I stay up all night.  Fortunately, I don’t shop every week🛒  And I’m making progress in obeying the One-Way directional signs at each store aisle…who’d-a-thunk we’d be doing such crazy things?!

b) My grocery store features “$5-Fridays”, with certain items reduced in price to attract shoppers.  The offers don’t always interest me, but I’m thankful cheese was the must-have bargain today!  Soon I’ll look like a “Big Cheese”🙂  But you’ll be proud of me…I resisted the bakery’s $5/dozen donuts.  (Okay, I confess:  yesterday I bought 2 packages of molasses cookies on sale.)

c) Very grateful for sunny days, and that dawn’s “bright” arrives earlier now.  Pandemic precautions may pinch, but they’d be far worse if this trying time had started in Fall–Winter, when DARK is the word.

d) Cinco de Mayo was less festive than in previous years, however I did make a fabulous “Layered Black Bean Dip”.  Delish and addictive…thankful I managed to eat only 2 pans of it throughout the week.  It’s easy/quick and I’ll happily share the recipe, if you request🙂

e) Exciting news:  I’m grateful to have been matched up with a nice Senior Companion Volunteer.  Our first meeting was by phone, or course, but I think it will be an enjoyable association once the end of “social distancing” permits face-to-face visits.

f) I continue thankful prayers for the extra financial/food assistance I’ve received…a huge blessing which I don’t take for granted.  This month, it enabled me to double the amount I send to the local mission which helps homeless and hungry folks in far-more-dire straits than mine.  I’m not boasting—merely glad and grateful to “be of use”.  The Lord loves a cheerful giver!*

g) Alrighty-then!  My concluding gratitude is always the same, and ever from my sincere heart.  I’m thankful the Lord God continues to find me worthy of His loving attention, protection and provision.  Everyday, each week, He fills me with His grace, hope, peace and JOY…abundance to share with you, my friends and family afar.  Thank you for your lovely comments, our little chats bless me big-time🙂

May God make His Presence known to you in special ways, enriching your days with surprise blessings as we “keep keeping-on”Rhen

*“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each one should give what he has decided in his heart to give , not out of regret or compulsion. For God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, Berean Study Bible

Glad Game #6 ~ Rainbows In the House!

How the days rush by!  For newcomers, “Glad Game” comes from the book, Pollyanna—about the girl gifted to find positives in any situation.  So, as “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Mr Rogers”, here’s my list:

a) I’m grateful, greatly cheered by the prism in my west window.  Now that spring sunshine is present with increasing frequency and strength (there’s a message in there, surely), the small prism paints rainbows on walls and ceiling!

b) Very thankful my friend’s grandson entered the world pretty healthy, if a bit later than hoped🙂

c) I’m grateful my resilient spirit has not completely drained away, proving God’s Word is true:  He supplies unending “grace upon grace” for whatever we need. If you’re feeling at the end of your rope, just say, “More, please”🙂

d) Comcast is offering a bounty of free programming and “streaming”.  Not that I have excess time to slump in my chair for binge-watching*, but I’m thankful…as, pandemic constraints may last longer than April’s numerous poetry challenges.

e) Again, I must mention my readers…friends around the globe I’ll likely never meet (Comment Box is relatively virus-free).  Thank you, I embrace you from ‘safe afar’

f) *Admittedly, I’m a tough critic, but last night I watched a delightful film: “Finding Your Feet” (2017, starring Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall, Joanna Lumley).  It’s billed as ‘romance/drama’, and offers authentic characters dealing with real issues that break the heart…yet you’re left satisfied, hopeful.  In this movie a character blooms… Uplifting. 

g) I’m deeply thankful for the power of prayer, and Holy Communion.  Pastor Joseph Prince (Singapore’s New Creation Church) encourages believers to “take Communion” daily to promote healing, wholeness, well-being.  There’s a short simple prayer, and you can use substitutes for “wafers & wine”.  A bag of oyster crackers lasts nearly forever, and I buy small bottles of Welch’s grape juice.  I find it beneficial

h) The chocolate cake I baked was just the Rx for brief meltdown…this melt-in-your-mouth moist treat was worth a grateful ‘hallelujah’.  It has no eggs, uses mayonnaise and dark cocoa powder.  I decrease the sugar, add some cinnamon, plus vanilla and orange extracts—if dessert has “flavor”, it doesn’t require copious amounts of sweetener.  No frosting needed, I even skipped the confectioner’s sugar on top.  Unless you have allergies, this cake will beg you to eat a 2nd piece…and I did🙂

i) Grateful for a doctor I like, and today’s phone “check-up”.  He graded me “A+” when I reported I’m doing well, considering stresses.

j) Finally, I thank the Lord and whoever invented Post-It notes!  Yellow sticky squares are now a necessary assist as the ageing brain abandons me with glee🙂

See y’all later–stay safe, be BLESSED Rhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Glad Game #3

It’s time for Week 3 of Glad Game “gratitudes”, á la Pollyanna🙂

a) I’m grateful the wait-time, when I called the Census folks, was only 4 minutes…compared to Comcast’s 3 HOURS (I didn’t wait).

b) My “wellness exam” has been cancelled, for which I’m thankful…prescriptions refilled via fax, and a phone appointment scheduled next month🙂

c) I’m beyond grateful for my cousin, though we live too many miles apart.  She’s down to earth, a practical Texas gal with devout faith and an easy laugh.  When I’m having a hard day she usually knows the right encouraging things to say.  I  thank God for her

d) I’m blessed and thankful for pastor and author, Max Lucado, who posted on Facebook:  “Grant yourself permission to have a meltdown”.  I was in the midst of one, desperate for a message from someone who “gets it”.  He assured us we’re not “weak” or “lacking faith”, if stress from the pandemic is overwhelming us.  Whew, hope the crying jags are over!

e) Keys have been this week’s challenge…the laundry room one was briefly stuck in the lock (panic); the one for parcel box containing new bookends didn’t open ANY of several boxes, at first (panic).  So I’m grateful for just enough deep breaths to persevere, try again…success in both cases😉

f) I’m thankful to have Internet…since overload/lack of service seems to be the next big fear, equal to toilet paper shortage.

g) Last year I ordered enough books to fill bookcase…you can bet I’m grateful I won’t soon run out of good reading adventures😊

h) I’m so thankful that churches are conducting weekly services online; and that posts by many people are reflecting a genuine sense of caring community—we need to keep that, after the crisis passes

i) Knowing some physical work would absorb the mental stress, I’m grateful I got my laundry done, and what passes for “spring cleaning” (rearranged bedroom, vacuumed & dusted apartment)😅

j) I’m thankful that, despite meltdowns and nearly paralyzing uncertainty, I’m able to be grateful for MUCH…my faith in God’s goodness and sovereignty is holding steady, not diminishing.  God WILL bring us through—that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to Him!😇

I keep all the blog “fam” in my prayers—I’m grateful for you Rhen

©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations,  2020 ~ All rights reserved.

Playing the Glad Game!

I’m inspired by the “gratitude” posts I read, and I’m more than glad to take opportunity to share some things I’m grateful for, and about.  Like Pollyanna, I’m going to make a goal of playing the *Glad Game…hopefully, each week (no specific day assigned yet).  So, here we go:

a) my toilet is fixed, Hallelujah!

b) did my grocery shopping yesterday (before the wind and rain), ready for St Pat’s dinner🍀

c) grateful for good books—my 2 current fave authors:  Fredrik Backman and Wm Kent Krueger; just finished Krueger’s fabulous Blood Hollow and started Beartown by Backman…already thoroughly engaging!

d) also reading Steven Furtick’s Seven-Mile Miracle, which I’m using as a Lenten study because the theme is the last 7 things Jesus said from the Cross (need I say I’m thankful for God’s grace?)

e) thankful for folks I meet on the blogs…a rich group of talented people with hugely generous hearts toward one another💕

f) glad and grateful the forecasted snow showers are only rain today, great excuse to not go out!

g) forever thankful for my best-sister-friend; we’ve not met in person, but her faithful love and support always exceed the long geographic miles between us💕

h) grateful I made the decision to reduce my cable cost by losing a bunch of TV channels I’ve not missed at all!

i) thankful to not be fearful about Coronavirus…maybe having other issues is a blessing😉 

j) always and ever grateful to JESUS, my Rock and Anchor…faith in Him is imperative to me, not an option.

I’ll add one more today:  I’m way glad and thankful it’s Friday, even if the 13th…I need a weekend, how ’bout you?


©Rhen Laird/Cobbled Contemplations, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.